Dillon "DLite" Thomas

New York

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My name is Dillon Thomas I am 21 years old. I recently graduated The Lee Strasburg Theater and Film Institute Intensive Program. We studied the "Method" along with electives, improvisation, dance/movement, acting for TV and film, voice and auditions. Prior to that I was involved in my community college theater program, and with my acting teachers prompting, performing in a number of plays. I played Joe in Angels in America , Bud in Splendor in the Grass and Estragon in Waiting for Godot. .

I was a gymnastic coach since from the age of 15 until I was 18, I was one of the youngest USA Gymnastic certified coaches in NY State, I coached a team of 15 boys, I had sole responsibility for every aspect of their gymnastic training. My job duties include conditioning, training for level proficiency and traveling with the boys to coach them at competitive meets, Prior to becoming a coach I was a competitive gymnast from ages 7-14 . I was a competition dancer for 2 years dancing hip hop, modern, jazz and with a female partner acro dance where the choreography included gymnastic stunts and lifts. Since I was 14 I have been participating in, a NYC born battle dance, Lite Feet. Lite Feet is a mix of dance styles including hip hop, EDM, flexing and more.. Most Lite Feet dancers have a signature move, mine is “power moves”, I add gymnastic stunts into my dance routines. When I discovered Lite Feet on YouTube I was a volunteer in my community gang prevention program. I shared Lite Feet dance with my friends and we made Lite Feet popular among our community “at risk youth”.

As I made plans for college I realized that in some fashion whether as an athlete, on stage or in front of a camera I have been performing my entire life, Therefore I have chosen to pursue a career as a performer with my focus on dance, modeling and acting.

My ideal job would be to collaborate with people who share my profound passion for the arts. I am young but my employment history, community service and athletic accomplishments demonstrate that I am driven, responsible and focused. I know that this is an competitive industry and a challenging career choice but I have come to the realization that this is my calling. Performing is not what I do, being a performer is who I am.


The Lee Strasburg Institute of Theater and Flm

Intensive study of the “Method” along with electives, Improv, Acting for TV and Film, Auditions, Dance/Movement, and Singing.

Broome Community College

Focused on Liberal Arts. Took Acting classes, History of Theater, and participated in the Broome Community College Theater Arts program


Acting- Method Acting-Improv Dance - Hip Hop Dance - EDM Dance - Jazz Modeling- Fashion Modeling - Catalog Gymnastics Coaching Emcee/Event Hosting ParKour Skiing Stunt Work